Why choose steel?

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Dating back as far as the 1800s, steel framed construction revolutionized the entire landscape of architecture and construction.

Today, developments in technology continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with steel construction and have given us some of the world’s most innovative buildings and structures encompassing the principles of strength, versatility, safety and speed that make steel an obvious choice for buildings of all types.

Reasons to choose steel frame construction


Independent studies have shown that steel construction can be up to 15% cheaper for the frame and upper floors of a building, and up to 5% cheaper overall than its reinforced concrete alternative.


Off-site fabrication and swift erection means that your steel building will be ready for occupation much earlier than its concrete counterpart, securing a quicker return on investment.

Fire resistance

Intumescent paints can be applied to all of JTEs steel frames before they are transported to site, for effective protection against fire.


One of the strongest materials known to man, steel has enormous tensile strength. All of our steel beams are CE marked to EXC3 and fully traceable for ultimate peace of mind.


The high strength to weight ratio of steel permits the construction of large internal spaces and doorways without the need for supporting columns, increasing volume and flexibility within a steel-framed building.


Lean manufacturing in steel processes eliminates waste, while up to 99% of structural steel in the UK and Ireland is either reused or recycled without any loss of quality.


Off-site manufacturing eliminates the need for on-site storage of materials while simple erection minimizes the number of personnel required for installation, reducing risk.

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